Taja / Type 1 Diabetic: 15 years / Diagnosed: 10 years old

“The most frustrating thing is, I think, trying to control your blood sugars. Because I don’t think anyone eats the same things everyday, so every food changes your body and changes your levels in a different way. So it’s always about trying to figure out ‘well okay, if I eat this how high is my blood sugar gonna go up, if like I eat this.’ It’s something new everyday. You could be having such good levels for like a week and then one day it gets out of control and it takes forever for it to get back under control no matter what you do. There are some days where I am like ‘I am.. so tired of this, do I really have to be a diabetic for the rest of my life? Can we just cut it out here, I’ve done 15 years, I’m done.”

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